Driving performance through visibility

At Neoperf we believe that an affiliation campaign should be accompanied  by a branding strategy to ensure your visibility and boost your campaign performance.

Promoting the visibility of your offer

With Neoperf you will encounter your targets at the major crossroads of BtoB online trade. Our consultants will determine and select the display sites and BtoB emailing lists that most closely match your offer.

Where BtoB audiences meet

Bannières, habillages & personnalisations de sites, insertions rédactionnels, interstitiels, eMailings dédiés… (?)

We employ Cost-Per-Mille (CPM) techniques using tools accessible through your online interface, measuring your campaign’s visibility by number of views, clicks and actions for each partner displaying your offer.


Traffic yes, but BtoB traffic please!

At Neoperf we diffuse your Cost-Per-Click (CPC) campaigns via emailings and banner displays on publicity platforms  dedicated to professionals.

Click specialists

Our consultants propose tools that combine traffic and performance, bringing together the best Web marketing levers and maximising your campaign’s performance. Our network is heavily populated with click-centric publishers such as comparative shopping sites for professionals, retargeting actors, etc.