Are you ready to increase your sales?

A platform dedicated to BtoB retailers

Neoperf’s experienced consultants provide BtoB retailers with a high performance sales lever, employing strategies for boosting online sales based on the unique aspects of BtoB selling (multiple decision makers, longer decision-making delays, etc.).

Reliable, evolving technology

Neoperf’s technology platform directly measures all the performance indicators of your campaign. Our team will constantly monitor, test and adjust the overall approach, adding media or new affiliates as necessary to maximise the ROI of your campaign.

Combined with a powerful network

Neoperf brings together a network of high performance partners and affiliates to ensure the success of retail advertisers’ campaigns. A broad range of partners and affiliates thus become online product ambassadors through:

  • dedicated emails
  • display ads
  • retargeting
  • RTB and Ad Exchanges
  • comparison shopping sites
  • discount voucher sites