BtoB Affiliation

A high performance business model

What is affiliation ?

Amazon launched the model in 1996, paying other Web sites a commission to recommend books for sale on Affiliation is based on the principle of paying external actors to generate business (i.e., sales leads).


Affiliation for Web marketing

Those actors are affiliates, also known as influencers, and they’re fully implicated in your campaigns.

Affiliates on the Neoperf network generate visibility for your ads by displaying them at the major crossroads of BtoB trade.  They steer highly qualified traffic and prospects to your site, and are paid according to the results they produce for you. The powerful Neoperf network also drives new sales for BtoB retailers via online influencers.


BtoB affiliation

BtoB affiliation is a specific business model

In order to be effective, BtoB affiliation must align with the particularities of the business environment. Compared to BtoC selling, BtoB purchasing decisions take longer, they’re less subject to impulse, and they typically involve multiple decision makers. So BtoB selling requires a particular approach. It requires the intervention of professionals experienced in sales and prospecting techniques.


Neoperf is a 100% BtoB affiliation platform

Launched by Companeo, a leader in BtoB lead generation since 2000, Neoperf provides companies with a powerful Web marketing tool. It generates visibility for your offers, helps you acquire new clients, and boosts your online turnover.

Neoperf’s strength rests on two pillars:

  • the community of influencers (affiliates and partners) on its network
  • the Neoperf team’s dual expertise in Web marketing and BtoB selling